100% Natural Elixirs

Antioxidant-rich blend of cold-pressed botanical oils and extracts for the scalp, face and body.

"I have super sensitive skin and can attest that these products work well without irritation" - Natasha N.

I love many things. Among them is creating products that make my skin look fantastic and feel healthy.  The joy I experience when I have an idea that births a product is unmatched —it's truly magical. It's the kind of magic I have been enjoying for years. I hope something I create and love has a positive impact on you and ultimately improves your life.

xo, Christene

Gentle Cleansers for Face and Body

“I truly love the Exfoliating Body Cleanser! I have never come across a body scrub that lathers like soap, has the right grit to exfoliate, and leaves my skin moist and hydrated. It has a refreshing, sexy yet subtle aroma. I use it almost daily but feel like I’m pampering myself each and every time. It’s worth every dime. And that’s on #MaryHadaLittleLamb.” --Xaviea P.

The texture of the Body Elixir is excellent! It gives a nice glow without greasiness. I love the scent of the Exfoliating Body Cleanser — it elevates bathing to a spa-like experience. I also love the lather and post usage smoothness. - Dana S.

I have been using Face Elixir for about 2 months now and my skin is so soft and supple. I also use the elixir with my foundation and sunscreen to make a tinted moisturizer — I just love the lightweight feel of this product. - Natasha N.

Everything about Nichole Avonie products says luxe — the chic packaging, the sublime fragrance. the natural ingredients, the way my skin feels after using the products. I’m in love!— Kitab R.