Shed Dead Skin Cells, Improve Skin Texture, and Glow - Let’s Exfoliate!

I was a bit of a tomboy growing up; if there was something more than three feet off the ground, I was climbing it and jumping off. Our yard was paved on both sides, so falls always resulted in scrapes, cuts, and bruises that left scars behind. Add to that tiny marks from Lichen Planus and the texture issues associated with Keratosis Pilaris. You have skin that needs more TLC than just soap, water, and basic lotion. So began my obsession with body scrubs.

Exfoliating helps shed dead skin cells, refine skin texture, and increase blood circulation in the outer skin layer. As we age, we need to give mother nature a bit of help in this department. And if you are like me with many knicks, cuts, and hyperpigmented spots, you probably need it even more. Not only does exfoliation gradually lighten old scars, but it makes it easier for all your skin treatments, moisturizers, and oils to do their job. The end result is skin that looks radiant and feels soft and hydrated.

I created the Nichole Avonie Exfoliating Cream Cleanser to clean and exfoliate and not make a mess while doing it. Groundbreaking, I know! I love a good body scrub for a couple of reasons:

  1. Time to Luxuriate: The moment you decide to do a scrub, you know you will have to take a few extra minutes for yourself, and who doesn't love that?

  2. Instant results: After massaging your body exfoliator in gentle circular motions for a few minutes, you rinse to emerge clean, smooth, and more at peace.

The bonus with the Nichole Avonie Exfoliating Cream Scrub is that it rinses clean from your skin AND your bathtub or shower. This was an essential element to have in this body exfoliator. There is something counterproductive about taking a calm, relaxing shower, turning right around, and cleaning a messy bathtub.

Let's Talk Ingredients -- What's in this Exfoliating Body Cleanser?

The Cleansing Agents

The Nichole Avonie Exfoliating Cream Cleanser uses two gentle surfactants -- Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate and Disodium lauroamphodiacetate and Myristic acid, a cleansing agent. Together, they provide a gently foaming clean without skin irritation. 

The Exfoliants

There are two types of exfoliants in the Exfoliating Cream Cleanser, sugar, and Volcanic Ash, aka pumice. The granules are roughly the same size when you start exfoliating. As you work in gently circular motions, the sugar dissolves. At the same time, the volcanic ash stays behind, ensuring you can lightly exfoliate to your heart's content.

The Humectants

The humectants, Glycerin, and sorbitol help your skin to hold onto moisture. Glycerin is found naturally in the skin and is a safe, gentle ingredient that's been used in skincare for decades. Sorbitol you might recognize as a sugar substitute. 

The Oils

The oils are emollients. They soften and soothe the skin. Jojoba oil is not really an oil; it's just easier to call it one. It is a wax ester and very similar to the sebum found in the skin. It helps to balance the skin. 

Hempseed Oil is soothing and calming without clogging pores. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used on all skin types.

The Emulsifier

Emulsifiers allow water and oil to mix. Stearic Acid is a long-chain fatty acid that acts as an emulsifier and an emollient. 

The Scent

The Nichole Avonie Exfoliating Cream Cleanser is 100% naturally scented. I've always loved lavender and lemongrass together because they are almost instantly calming and soothing. Turmeric and Lemon essentials oils add a slight savory spiciness to the scent, which I love.

The Color

Bilberry Extract, a mix of Vaccinium Myrtillus and Propanediol, adds a light purple color to the body exfoliant. There are no chemicals added to stabilize the color, so it may vary over time. There may also be slight changes from batch to batch.


Radish Root Ferment Filtrate is a natural preservative made by fermenting radishes with Leuconostoc kimchi, a bacteria from lactic Acid. This is not as robust as parabens or other more traditional preservatives, so you don't want the water to get in (and stay in) your exfoliating cream cleanser. 

How Do You Use the Nichole Avonie Exfoliating Cream Cleanser?

(While the shower is off) gently massage into wet skin using circular motions. Pay special attention to rough or dry areas. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry skin. Follow immediately with Nichole Avonie Rejuvenating Body Elixir or your favorite lotion or cream. 

Exfoliating Body Cleanser

Net Net

The Nichole Avonie Exfoliating Body Cleanser uses volcanic ash and sugar crystals to buff away dead skin cells and refine the skin. Glycerin, Hemp, and Jojoba oils nourish and moisturize, while a soft, naturally scented gentle lather gives your skin a radiant, calming clean. 

Exfoliated skin is happy skin. I hope you like the Nichole Avonie Exfoliating Body Cleanser.

xo, Christene

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